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Shukriya or Shukria (Arabic: شكريّة‎) is an Arabic name for females meaning"thankful". It is the feminine active participle of the Arabic verb, شَكَرَ, meaning "to be thankful".It has been used in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi dialect as well, to represent giving thanks. 

Shukriya... the meaning behind the formal word

To give thanks... we give thanks to those whom have hurt us, have doubted us, have believed in us, have empowered us. From doubt and belief we grow. Support and guidance are the most supportive ways to assist in our growth. Those who have built challenges for us with their words or actions... those whom have confronted us or scorn us with their discouraging words and disbelief also do provide us with reasons to give thanks.

Life is our journey, and ours alone. It takes great time to understand that we solely are the creators of our own words. The voices of others, their opinions, are simply noise. When we are young or vulnerable we buy into their belief systems. Eventually, God willing, we become aware of our individual strength.

Once our strength and our individual control is realized is when we can look back and give thanks.

This movement is to say thank you to those who have supported us, and also hindered us and provided us doubt in our journeys. It is a platform to give thanks to the former and provide insight to those who are going through a similar path in their journey. It is a way of looking back, and paying forward.

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We will be launching this movement in 2018 and every story, every experience is invaluable. Please send us a note on how you would like to express your Shukriya. 

shukriya - the art of gratitude

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